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WiT For Good 2024

This year, WiT For Good will support Saab Shares

About Saab Shares

by Sabrina & Elena Bensawan

Saab Shares is a not-for-profit organisation working to reduce poverty and increase support for marginalized communities in Indonesia through children’s education, healthcare access and women’s empowerment programs.

Saab Shares is an extension of an initiative that Sabrina Bensawan launched when she was 16 with the support of her sister, Elena, who was then 14. The two sisters were listed in Forbes’ 30 under 30 – Asia – Social Entrepreneurs in 2019. Sabrina was also recognised as EY Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2018.

Sabrina remembers when they first ventured into the slums of Jakarta. “During our secondary school years, we would spend our afternoons in the slums of Jakarta, listening to the stories of the families there. Our goal now is to improve their quality of life and break the cycle of poverty.”

Saab Shares currently runs 28 “Rumah Belajar” (House of Learning) for underprivileged children across Indonesia. “To equip them for the future, we focus on character building and skills training, such as public speaking, leadership and computer skills,” says Elena.

In an effort to empower women, the organization has established four training centres where underprivileged mothers can not only learn new skills matched to their passions and interests but also participate in mentorship programmes.

By the first quarter of 2023, Saab Shares has helped over one million beneficiaries.

Sabrina Bensawan, Co-founder

Elena Bensawan, Co-founder

To financially support Saab Shares, other than through donations, the sisters started Genggam, a social enterprise that produces retail and corporate merchandise.

Genggam aims to economically empower and improve the livelihood of mothers in rural Indonesia. This enables them to raise their family’s standards of living. This sustainable cycle allows Genggam to continuously create positive impact and help those in need. With the slogan #1Product100Impacts, Genggam produces products and corporate gifts that are both impactful and meaningful,” says Sabrina.

“It’s amazing to see a mother, who once struggled to make ends meet, now financially supporting her children to attend reputable universities. We realize that the most rewarding aspect is seeing the beneficiaries of our programmes evolve into agents of change,” says Sabrina.

The duo is now working to expand the number of schools and training centers for women in the next three to five years. They actively raise awareness and appeal to donors and volunteers via digital platforms and social media.

Here's what we are raising for

Saab Shares & Genggam will be featured at the WiT For Good Booth and the WiT For Good Charity Auction as part of the WiT Singapore Conference, Oct 14 – 16, 2024.

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