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WiT Virtual: Spotlight on the “Kingdom” of South Korea  

April 24, 2020 | 1:00 pm 2:00 pm



WiT Virtual: Spotlight on the “Kingdom” of South Korea  

April 24, 1pm-2pm Singapore time


Just because we can’t be there physically doesn’t mean we can’t be with our industry friends in South Korea. This was the day when WiT Seoul 2020 was due to be held, so today we put the spotlight on a market that, pre-Covid-19, was already on the tipping point of change.


South Korea has won praise worldwide for its effective containment of Covid-19 but there’s no doubt the market has been shaken badly and consumer sentiment bruised. What further changes will this crisis wrought on one of Asia’s strongest domestic markets as well as its second largest outbound market? How is it impacting players on the ground and what measures have they taken to survive? What does recovery look like? How will it be consolidated, from airlines to OTAs to traditional travel companies and startups? And in a market that’s already tech-savvy and super-mobile, will this crisis further accelerate mobile innovation, separating the techies from the luddites in the travel value chain?


In this episode, as part of our “Unity In Crisis” series, WiT Virtual gathers three perspectives to examine the situation in the “Kingdom” of South Korea.



Jun Shin, Chief Strategy Officer, Tidesquare

Jong Yoon Kim, CEO, Online Business and Corporate Strategy, Yanolja

Younghoon Kang, Partner, McKinsey & Company, Korea



Yeoh Siew Hoon, Founder, WiT

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