15 May 2020 | 5:00 pm 6:00 pm



WiT Virtual: 5 Books I’d Take To A Desert Island

May 15
5pm (GMT+8)


They say this is the time for reflection and introspection. A time to read, to think. So we decided to ask our friends from the WiT Community to pick the five books they’d take with them to a desert island, and why.


Each will share their choices in 8 minutes. Grab a drink and join the WiT Book Club for our Happy Reading Hour.

Fritz Demopoulos, CEO, Queen’s Road Capital/Founder, Melon Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Melissa Yang, Co-founder, Tujia

Greg Schulze, Senior Vice President, Expedia Group

Jo Lusby, Co-founder, PixieB

Rod Cuthbert, Founder, Viator



Yeoh Siew Hoon, Founder, WiT

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