About WiT For Good

Since 2008, the WIT For Good programme, which includes supporting local arts and crafts and its “live” Auctions, has raised more than $500,000 for the betterment of local communities throughout Asia.

We do this by sourcing handmade products from local communities as well as host an Auction as part of our Closing Cocktails. Over the years, we have auctioned off hotel stays, tours, and art pieces, as well as mentoring time with coaches.

It is thanks to the generosity of our donors and bidders that we’ve able to make this a yearly affair and is now an integral part of WiT Singapore.


What Our Funds Did In 2017 and 2018 

In the last two years, we raised a total of US$74,000 for the NVC Foundation, a charity organisation based on nutrition and education for the poor in the Philippines. Our funds have been put to good use supporting these projects.

WiT Funds 2017 (implemented 2018) 

  • Daycare for Sitio Katiguman, Bukidnon
  • Mingo Feeding for 153 kids for Sitio Mapawa, Bukidnon
  • Lovebags for 123 kids- P 92,250
  • Excess, Mingo Feeding for 235 kids in Sitio Glab, Zamboanga del Sur-

WiT Funds 2018 (implemented 2019) 

ALL for Kapalong, Davao del Norte

  • 4 Classrooms in Sitio Taguango ES
  • 933 LoveBags
  • 2,000 LoveFits
  • 257 Kids for Mingo

WiT 2019 Charities of Choice

Choice 1: NVC Foundation, Philippines

Due to the good work the NVC Foundation continues to do in the Philippines, we will support their goal of 10,000,000 Mingo Meals for undernourished Filipino children by January 2020. At US$0.25 per meal packet, the Foundation needs US$2.5 million to meet the target and we want to do our best to nudge them towards that goal.


Here’s a video explaining their cause.

WiT 2019 Charities of Choice

Choice 2: Sumba Hospitality Foundation, Indonesia

The Sumba Hospitality Foundation was opened in July 2016 by Belgian entrepreneur Inge de Lawauther to offer youths aged 17-23 living on the Indonesian island a chance at an education in hospitality.


“The 17-23 age group is the one that can break the poverty cycle. If these youths make it, they can look after their entire family, pay for the education of their younger siblings,” said de Lawauther in this interview with WiT.

Students pay about US$100 for an 18-month programme which gives them full immersion in English and exposure to different departments in hospitality. After graduation, they are given internships in hotels in Bali. In 2019, the school took in 60 students – it receives 800 applications a year, shortlists to 300 and picks only those who dare to dream big.


To sponsor a student: US$5,000


(The amount covers their education, uniforms, school supplies, room and board, internship and basic medical care during their time on campus and throughout their 7-month internship. Personal updates will be provided to you throughout the year.)


Your support can also go towards these items:

  • School supplies $25
  • School uniform $50
  • Support for internship $250
  • Bag of seeds $5
  • Garden Supplies $15
  • Plant a Tree $150
  • Medical Supplies (1 student) $40
  • Gift voucher for a 5-day stay at Maringi Ecoresort (2 guests) $500

The “WiT For Good” Live Auction will be held as part of WiT Hall of Fame, Oct 15, 7-8.30pm





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