WIT Japan & North Asia 2018



Bootcamp:  June 28 @ Attic, 6F, Nagatacho GRID

Main Stage:  June 29 @ Galaxy Ballroom, BF2, The Westin Tokyo


The road to Better Travel continues onto Tokyo with the seventh edition of WIT Japan & North Asia, a region that's seeing explosive growth in travel, fuelled by technology and changing customer behaviour and aspirations. 


Like the annual WIT Conference in Singapore, the two-day event shines a spotlight on what's happening in travel technology, distribution and marketing, but with a focus on Japan and North Asia. 




WIT Japan & North Asia is organised jointly by Singapore-based WIT and WIT Japan Alumni, led by Kei Shibata, CEO of Venture Republic (travel.jp) and Aya Aso, founder and CEO of Savvy Collective. 

This year will see the seventh edition of WIT to be held in Tokyo. The conference attracted over 500 delegates in 2017. 




WIT Japan & North Asia 2018 will celebrate Better Travel. It will take on what's new in the region and blend it with exciting and inspirational new ideas from around the world to create real insights you can act upon to get better at what you do in travel.

WIT will gather industry leaders with thought-provoking ideas, tech innovators, new players and stand-out individuals building things with love and respect.


Why? Because inbound to Japan is soaring. 


In October 2017, it saw a 21.5% increase in arrivals to 2,595,148 and the total number for 2017 was projected to reach 28.7 million, ahead of target. 

The first disclosure of how many tourists are using private accommodation revealed that it accounted for 12% of total visitors. Singaporeans were the biggest users (40%) in October, followed by France (36%) and Indonesia (30%).  

China remains the biggest influencer of travel trends in North Asia, from Seoul to Taipei as Chinese brands expand beyond their home markets, bringing a new wave of innovation.  

What's happening in North Asia as new players enter travel, incumbents defend turf, low cost airlines spread their wings and traditional travel companies evolve their business models for the mobile age?

How are travel brands in Japan adapting their business models?  How are destinations persuading travellers to explore beyond the usual tourist hotspots?

In pursuit of Better Travel, WIT Japan & North Asia 2018 will celebrate the five values of Openness, Diversity, Creativity, Love and Respect.


     • Open minds, open world, open platforms.

     • Diversity in workforce, diversity in humanity, diversity in experiences.

     • Creativity in thought, creativity in marketing, products and services

     • Building things with love, treating customers and staff with love

     • Respect for communities and environment


Better Technology. Better Experiences. Better Businesses. Better People. Better Travel.

Come join us create Better Travel in Tokyo in 2018.


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